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"What can I say about Lani? The most incredibly talented voice director and vocal artist I have ever worked with. I have worked with Lani on 4 major titles and I have always found her to be a valuable addition to the creative process of a project. From re-writing scripts to voicing characters (she has an incredible octave range!) Lani's work has always been superlative and I would recommend her to anyone looking for a top notch all round voice production."

-- Chris Sweetman
Former Senior Audio Artist
Criterion Games/EA

"Lani, whether directing, finding talent, writing, or getting behind the microphone has always given more than I have expected. Her energy and experience in the studio are amazing. She's improved dialogue of scripts we've worked on (when asked), and her ability to instantly "get" what's going on in a scene or with a character have made our previous sessions a breeze. I can't recommend her highly enough and look forward to continuing to work with her in the future."

-- Scott Herrington
Sr. Producer
WMS Gaming

"Lani is an amazingly talented voice actress and a wonderful director as well. She came through in short notice and was able to pull together a great cast for our game. Lani was a blast to work with and helped do everything she could to accommodate us. I highly recommend Lani for your voiceover/audio needs."

-- Randy Greenback
Creative Director
Red Storm Entertainment/Ubisoft

"Lani is talented and versatile - she is helpful, inventive and incredibly focused on getting the best possible result. She delivers more than you expect - with a smile."

-- David Filskov
Sound designer
Epic Sound ApS

"I have worked with Lani and AudioGodz on several occasions. She has bailed me out several times in cases where I needed extremely quick turnaround on the work we requested. Audiogodz provides good value for the cost, and I would not hesitate to work with her or her company again. Lani, herself, is extremely personable, professional, and easy to work with."

-- George Chastain
Vice-President of Product Development for Jowood

"Lani is a comic and voice genius. There's really no other way to put it. Even with a flimsy idea (at best) of what I wanted, she gave us top results with no retakes. It was perfect on the first take - I couldn't have asked for anything better. All that talent and a good soul too!"

-- Charlie Cleveland
Designer, programmer and team lead
Natural Selection

"What can be said about Lani that hasn't been said before? Always great results, fast turnaround, works within budget, no BS, no problems and just fun to work with. Whether it's VO for a full title or just a quick one-off, the results are consistently stellar."

-- Mark Harwood

"Brilliant voice acting..."

-- IGN Insider review of
Clive Barker's Undying
recorded by AudioGodz for Dreamworks

"AudioGodz is great to work with. I've done so for over a decade. Things get so crazy in the production world sometimes and it's nice to know that I can always count on them to do it better than the rest. They work quickly, professionally -- always great. They craft the perfect voices for anything; be it a character voices, straight reads or even animal sounds. My "ace-in-the-hole"!

-- Jamey Scott
Dramatic Audio Post

"I've worked with Lani (AudioGodz) on several games (not nearly enough in my opinion) and on each she has excelled as voice talent, script editor and voice director.

Lani is a multi-talented, creative genius who knows how to get the job done, and entertain with each and every one of her hundreds of voices. Pickups, adhoc reads, alternate takes, fixing badly written scripts -- all in a days work.

From the sneer in Duke Nukem, the oozing squelch of the Zerg and the chatter of the Sims, you could pick a top 10 new game that appears on the market on any gaming platform and AudioGodz is likely to be in it in some shape or form."

-- Andy Brock
Sound Designer

"Lani is a consumate professional. Time after time, she can be depended on to deliver AAA work to fit just about any budget. I've worked with her several times and each and every time has been an absolute pleasure. She's organized, on-time, and thorough. Not only is Lani personally very talented and diverse, but she has many contacts with great actors that might otherwise be hard to find. I would never hestitate to recommend Lani, and would work with her at the drop of a dime."

-- Aaron Habibipour
Man Versus Games

"Lani is a talented, dedicated professional. If you want a one-stop-shop for your VO's give Lani a call..."

-- Andy Hieke
Head of Game Studio
iWin Inc

"I have had the privilege of working with and for Lani on multiple projects over the years for various companies. Her professionalism, creativity, multiple talents and integrity have always been very beneficial to the projects. With out a doubt Lani's voice acting and directing talent is exceptional. I would highly recommend Lani for any creative venture."

-- Jeffery Buchanan
Game Consultant
Yama Studio

"I have had the pleasure of working with Lani for several years. Her vocal abilities continually surprise me and I'm constantly amazed at their depth and breadth. She is extremely professional, reliable and dedicated."

-- Robert Riedl
Former Executive Producer
Her Interactive

"Another very strong point of the game is the voice acting. AudioGodz provided the voices, and they are all ideal! There is not one voice that I would recast."

-Review from Adventure Games of
Tony Tough and the Night of Roasted Moths

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